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Run For Christ

My Testimony
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   As a 7 year old boy I had an experience that for years I believed was a salvation experience.  I asked Jesus to come into my heart and really believed that I was saved.  As the years went on, I lived my life as if I was anything but saved.  I went to church on Sunday mornings and knew all of the right things to say, but there was just never a change of heart or a desire to turn from my sin. 
   At the age of 25 I encountered a strange illness that caused me to question death and realize that I was afraid of dying. I knew that I did not need to fear death if I was a Christian, so I started to question God. After some months of praying and seeking, I realized that I had never really given my life to God. At that time I accepted Christ as my Savior and He has turned my life around giving me the desire to serve Him.